About Us

We Are A Internet Marketing Company And Our Job Is To Supply You With Great Content.


TheLife Photography is a new and upcoming internet marketing company with the sole purpose of bringing all up and current company's, names, brands, people and places together with the intention of merging the knowledge and power of the industry into one, or a few.


We want everyone to know where the best place is to get something or where the best website is to go to for a certain something. And only by sharing this we can all find the things we love with ease.

TheLife Photography is part of a bigger website called TheLife Group Marketing which covers other industries that we share the same interest in. Its just one of many ways we'd like to make it easier for people to find things and hopefully they can enjoy them the way we do. Lets all be apart of something great.

Albeit; the information on this site is only related to photography - but that's just it. It is everything you need to know about photography, all in one place. Let us do the hard work so you don't have to. For the sole benefit of making sure you find what you're looking for.


Basically we are 'Content Curators'


This site and all other sites related have a basic aim in mind - we curate good and real information that is relevant to you and only to you by finding relevant information across the web thus saving you time in doing it yourself. A content curator is someone who aggregates content from across the web. We don't copy stuff from the Internet and repost the same on social media, blogs, etc. We are passionate people and we love what we share hence we “curate” content before sharing by adding more information and value to it.

Content Curation is different from Content Creation because curators don’t generate any significant content by themselves. Their primary goal is to find interesting stuff and then re-publish the same by adding their own views about the content.

The internet is an information superhighway. People post billions of photos, videos, articles, etc. on the Internet every single day such that no software can sort them. What’s more? It contains a good amount of spam too which machines can’t recognize.

Let’s say I’m passionate about “Photography”. So what I’ll be doing is reading the popular photo magazines, blogs, following events, etc. so that I keep myself up-to-date about the latest happenings in the industry. People who want to follow photography the way I do can follow my updates instead of reading multiple blogs, magazines, etc. as they may contain too much irrelevant information for them.

This then strengthens the very idea of what we are trying to achieve - killing spam, bad blogs, information and content. Which helps keep the web in a better state than we left it. And as long as there are some of us doing this then we all can't be blamed for the damage that is currently happening to the world wide web.