Advertising, what it means and how its done.

Last Updated 21st July 2018

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1. About adverts placed on this site.

Adverts are placed across this site. We allow users to choose whether to see them or not, this is done by using adblocker, should you wish to use these apps we do not have any obligations, just that you enjoy reading what's is on this site regardless.

2. Advertising for you on this site.

As we have only just set up and started with getting online - advertising is not currently on offer.

This is due to the very minimal of audiences at this current moment in time which is growing day to day as we speak. Rome wasnt built in a day so it takes time. And is not quite ready.

But if there is a request you'd like to share please get in touch via the contact us page form.

To further decide on whether your right for this site we have a few set rules that apply.

And so we evaluate potential advertising partners on a case by case basis, whose products, mission, and values align with ours. We most certainly do not work with or allow the following:

  • Paid or sponsored blog posts
  • Free products for review
  • Paid links or link exchanges
  • Brand ambassadorships
  • Third party promotional companies or services
  • Network marketing, multi-level marketing, or other pyramid structures
  • Unsolicited joint venture promotions

We do not write paid posts. Nor do we not accept free products for review. Our thoughts and opinions are our own prerogative and not of those of any sponsor or advertiser. If we link to a product on this website, it is because we have either purchased it ourselves, researched it and/or its kind and profoundly looked at it in detail and think it is high-quality. Further to this we we only buy or recommend high quality products.