Angle Of View.

Getting the right angle to take the perfect shot.


So now you know a little about finding your feet with the angles of shots you can take. Anyone can stand in a spot that resembles a image worth taking but it takes the people that know this is not the only spot in the same area that is worth taking from.

It has been said that some will go as far as taking a ladder with them to get the right angle on an image. Other climb walls or stand on top of things to get it some choose to go low, some go left and equally go right, but I have found that maybe just sometimes right in the middle can be the best place to be. But again the middle is an overused spot that can make an image look boring. But if done correctly can be magic just don't do it all the time.

Most of the time you should have a few angles in mind when it comes to prepping for the category your shooting or the scene you'd like to use because angle along with composition makes atmosphere and atmosphere is the end game in any image.

Normally if you've spent more than 10 mins trying to find an angle then the first one is the best bet, if your trying to0 hard it doesn't work, it needs to be natural and the one that you are most magnitiused towards with the help of your gut feeling in the beginning tends to be it. Don't confuse it with composition because you can take many different compositions but there are only a few angles are worth taking in a scene.


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