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This is your chance to find out the answers to nagging doubts or to just get the insight into what your interested in on the subject of photography.

This page is for questions related to buying and finding information about equipment and websites. Anything else; please contact us here.

Some of the things asked;

What photography gear to buy?

Where to buy the gear?

How much for this gear?

Is there a good website for this?

Is this or this the right gear for me?

Does this lens fit this camera?

What lenses does this camera use?

What filters work with this camera?

What does this filter do, and why?

What can I buy for this much?

What's the best price for this?

Where can I find one of these?

Just an idea for some example questions.

What photo gear do I need for landscape photography on a budget of £££?

Is this tripod good enough for the outdoors, or what is the best one for it?

What's the top place on the web for buying a Nikon D810?  Or even the top 10?

I've got this camera and im this good at photography what the best upgrade?

Where would be the appropriate place to get a good computer thats lasts?