Basic Editing.

Learning what it takes to better you images.


Basic editing of your images involve a number of adjustments. Let's discuss a few here. We prefer Lightroom to Photoshop. So, these steps would be usable in the former. We have already listed some of the adjustments you should be doing under 'Try Workflows'. Let's elaborate some of them in greater detail here.

Step 1 is always about adjusting lens profile correction and removal of chromatic aberrations. These two adjustment options are right down the bottom of the Develop Module in Lightroom under 'Lens Correction' tab.

Step 2 is White Balance adjustment. Every kind of light, except for daylight balanced light, imparts a color cast. This is because every light has a specific temperature which higher or lower than the temperature of daylight balanced pure white light. This step adjusts the color cast and makes the image appear what it should be in neutral light. To do this select the eyedropper tool and click on anywhere in the image which you know is white (preferably pure white). This should auto adjust the white balance. If it does not you can then always slide the 'Temp' slider to adjust things.

Step 3 is to adjust exposure. This requires some fine adjustments if the in-camera exposure was right on the money. Otherwise you may have to tweak the Highlights. Shadows, Whites and Blacks to make the image presentable.

Sharpening is yet another adjustment that is necessary if there is lack of it in the original image. We recommend only very light adjustments here. Always view the image at 100% and zero on the area where you are sharpening to spot any appearance of artefacts.

Noise reduction is the other basic adjustment that I would recommend. This technique is useful for removing noise especially when they appear in the shadow areas. Please note, removing noise almost always results in loss of detail. So, apply any noise reduction technique to areas where you don’t want any loss of detail.


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