Beginners. Start Here.

This is about gathering basic knowledge on the subject of photography.


The art of photography has taken a quantum jump thanks to the advent of digital technology. Digital technology has made it possible to shoot more, experiment more without the fear of wasting film and practice your craft to the end to better improve one's results. Another critical advantage of digital technology is that the whole process of image making has sped up. You can shoot and analyze what you have shot on the spot and then correct your shots immediately after. 20 years ago this was difficult to do.

You have a lot more editing options in your hand as well. The art of darkroom processing was difficult to master. Something that has always kept photography limited within a small group of dedicated individuals. That was until a decade ago. The advent of digital photography and photo editing applications have made it all too easy to produce stunning imagery in no time at all.

Believe it or not, the best way to start learning digital photography is by studying the manual that came along with your camera. Most people throw the manual away. The manual is the easiest way to learn everything you need to about your camera; a necessary step before you can start using it to make stunning images. It also serves the purpose of a quick reference for techniques and tools that you need to use from time to time. The best thing is all these information comes free to you when you buy a digital SLR.

One more piece of advice. Digital photography is an exciting domain that is filled with joy, a sense of accomplishment, self-gratification as well as the bitter taste of the occasional failure. Photography being a visual art form tend to draw an intense amount of public scrutiny too. As much as you are likely to draw positive appreciation you are also likely to draw negative public criticism. But don’t let either of that get into your head.


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