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Digital Photographer  1. digital-photographer-front-page

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Digital Photographer is for those who are both professional and enthusiasts, it features content that can relate to all parties with plenty of information that include news, reviews, advice, expert opinions, image editing and techniques. Plus images from their readers.

 2.  Digital Photodigital-photo-front-page

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Great for the photographer that wants to improve their editing, better their skills and improve their techniques. This magazine has great ideas on the latest kit, info reviews for the curious, ideas you wished you could have thought of and all round advice for anyone reading.

Practical Photographer  3. pratical-photographer-front-page

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The heading basically explains what it is. It's Practical. With things like articles on products, great/useful advice, readers photography and the remarks. Its the practical things you would need or do with you equipment or skills  that makes this magazine so relevant.

  4.  Digital Cameradigital-camera-world-front-page

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This includes a range of things for all types of photographers with all levels of abilities, techniques for the learners and lessons for those techniques, it informative with discussions and demos and it goes straight to the point.

Popular Photography  5. popular-photography-front-page

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Popular Photography is a good all round magazine that covers some great subjects , with latest techniques and up to date reviews but its main content focuses on; the gear, how-to, buying guides and news.  And has been around since 1937. Thats got to be a good reason to buy it.

outdoor-photographer-front-page 6.  Outdoor Photography

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Outdoor Photography is for the outsider, the one who appreciates the nature of the landscape and wildlife with diverse locations that don't include a building in sight. It also includes opinions, guides, gear, techniques, location guides, news, competition and photos.

Photo District News  7. photo-district-news-front-page

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This unfortunately can be only brought as a digital version from the UK but it is so relevant as its an award winning magazine that is not to be missed, with content that includes news and analysis, interviews, and portfolios of the latest photographic work. Including business marketing for such a competitive industry.

digital-slr-photgrapher-front-page 8.  Digital SLR Photography

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Digital SLR Photography is for photographers of all levels, from beginner through enthusiast to professional. And has a wide range of information that covers all sorts of topics from landscapes to close ups to products, news and competitions but mostly focuses on providing expert information about digital SLR cameras and photography.

Professional Photographer  9. professional-photography-front-page

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Professional Photography is one of the market-leading magazines for professional photographers. It covers world-leading professionals and their work through in-depth interviews and extensive photographic portfolios. If you're already a good photographer and want to join others like you, read on.

bw-photgraphy-front-page 10.  B&W Photography

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B&W Photography features incredible contemporary images from some of the top photographers in monochrome photography and covers a different types like documentary, portraiture, still life, landscape and street. Plus it covers all the usual techniques, product news and reviews so you wont miss out.

Amateur Photographer  11. 

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This is a detailed magazine that aims at bettering techniques, giving detailed tests of products, informative guides, interviews and reviews from the latest photographer in trend that is all in the name to see too you improving your photography . It's a very popular magazine and so volume speaks words.

photoshop-creative-front-page 12.  Photoshop Creative

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Photoshop creative is the place to come to if being creative and inspirational is your thing. It's been running since 2005 and is the go to place if you want to know anything about photoshop, it covers a wide range that includes everything, plus great information on how to use it all properly. A learners guide to the universe of goodness - just waiting.

BIPP Magazine - The Photographer  13. 

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This is the British Institution of Professional Photography's version if their own magazine that is also available to the public but mostly focuses on its members and their work. Of which by the way is incredible. So this is not one to be missed and know of many whom agree. Certainly worth the annual subscription.

 bjp-front-page 14.  British Journal of Photography

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What better way to start a description with a quote taken from their page; "British Journal of Photography is not your usual game of picture karaoke." And by this they mean that they focus on the funk of photography finding those special people that just make what we see as photography exciting. The extraordinary in the ordinary. Im in already.

Digital Photo Pro  15. 

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 Although this is an American magazine we think it deserves a mention it's got some great content in, it mostly aims at portrait photography but covers most else as well, plus things like using photoshop and discovering techniques, and that's not all so have a look at their site and see for yourself!


 16.  NPhoto

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This is a magazine for those dedicated to their brand and this one focuses on Nikon and its users. But it works just like any other magazine by telling you everything you need to know like news, reviews, techniques and all the usual, its just focused on nikoners. Sorry Canon. But be not afraid cannoneers the one below is for you.

Photo Plus  17. 

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Like the one above this one focuses on the opposition the hard believers that the other side isn't for them and vice versa, I think that's partly why there are two magazine from the same publisher because they came to realise this too. Again it covers most of what all other magazine do but for canon users.

aperture-magazine-front-page 18.  Aperture Magazine

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Although this as an american magazine we've managed to find a subscription link for the UK which makes it a must buy, its got great content that is different than your usual magazine and this sets it apart from the rest so much that it would be stupid not to get it.

Hunger Magazine  19. 

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This is a strange one to have as it covers the fashion industry but the photography in it is amazing and it does relate to photography in many ways. Its been highly talked about and is probably why its so hard to get a hold of but we've found the relevant links for you to enjoy. So enjoy.

nikon-owners-front-page 20.  Nikon Owners Magazine

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Nikon owner has an incredible worldwide reach for its magazine with the one idea in mind of bringing Nikon owners together with the sole interest of helping them increase their skill and interest in photography, Nikon equipment, news and reviews plus views from renowned photographer that all use the same kit.

EOS Magazine  21. 

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THis like the one above is focused again on the Canon and its EOS users so this magazine highlights primarily on how to use the camera, it's settings , making the right combination of settings and how to get the images right in camera. It skips all the chatter and get down with the technicals. Perfect for the EOS user.



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