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One of the most powerful editing tools, and we are referring to Photoshop when we say that, is the Healing Brush tool. Though a large number of photographers do prefer to use the Spot Healing tool, the Healing Brush is a slightly more robust because it allows you to choose the source spots rather than depend on the software to choose the points by itself.

Many times when editing and finalizing an image we notice something amiss. Such as a telegraph post or a light pole which is completely out of place. The Healing Brush tool allows you to remove these 'anomalies' and therefore produce an image that is clean.

Dodging and Burning is yet another powerful tool in Photoshop. This particular tool might be new in its digital avatar but the technique of Dodging and Burning isn't. It is being used probably from the inception of photography. Dodging and burning allow you to selectively darken or lighten respectively, the areas that you wish to be dark or bright. In Photoshop this is usually done using two separate curves adjustment layer. Then you can use the layer mask tool as well as the brush tool to selectively darken and lighten (dodge and burn) the areas you want.

Learning how to use Layer Masks in Photoshop is the first important step in truly liberating yourself as a photographer / editor. Among the many features of Photoshop, learning how to edit and use layers is important because it allows you to keep all your edits as non-destructive. Using layers masks you can dodge and burn more easily. You can play around with the color tones, saturation and sharpness across the image much more effectively when using layer masks.

Finally, we suggest using the Blending modes. There are a total of 26 Blending Modes in Photoshop and they will allow you to adjust the contrast, saturation and tone of your images in a more precise manner.


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