Gear Storage.

How you take care of you kit when storing it help in all sorts of little ways.


Your gear is the machine that makes your work great. Something as simple as storing it incorrectly can be the little annoyance in your life you didn't think you had to think about but now have to because you didn't before. If you have been doing such stuff already then this article isn't for you. but for those who'd like a little insight as to what needs to be done then read on.

It's easily forgettable but it's just as important as all the other tasks you do to take care in your daily life. So make it like a task, incorporate it as a routine or a mandatory thing you have to do, make it fun or don't but just do it. Otherwise you might find one day that the lazy attitude will be the reason your gear isn't working so well as it used to. It's one thing cleaning your kit it's another storing it but do both correctly and your winning.

A good way to do so is making sure any moisture and dirt are out of any parts of all things related to your kit. Get rid of it before you even think about storing it. If it's wet let it dry otherwise you can have rust begin in chafing parts and mold will grow whilst in storage, if it's dirty clean it real good for that dirt will remain there till the next shoot. These things are the enemy of micro parts that move within the camera and can ruin a decent kit easily as fast as you brought it.

And then finding the right area within your home where there's a regular temperature like in a nice dark quiet room corner is perfect, bedrooms work or sitting rooms your choice.


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