Industry Choices

Wherever you go from the beginning is the best path to follow. Choose wisely.


Finding the right category that suits you is vital. Put the most thinking into this from the start and stick with that choice otherwise you'll find you jump back and forth for different ones. Maybe that's what you want? It is a great time to be a beginner photographer. Exciting new equipment available now makes the whole process of image making incredibly fun. But as with every beginner steps, mistakes are often unavoidable. It is no different in photography.

For a beginner photographer the choice of genre isn't always as easy and crystal clear as it seems it is. The choice of industry, for most, takes a while to realize. That is the operative word, realization. Or more like understanding what's working. Not everyone is cut out for wildlife photography. Sorry to break this to you. Some people on the other hand absolutely revel in wildlife photography. They are natural in what they do. It would be much easier for them to plan, and execute a wildlife photography assignment for stock or for a direct assignment than someone who finds a lot more ease working in a studio environment. For the later a career in portrait photography would be a much better proposition.

None of the genres is limiting in terms of career opportunities. Each one has its own advantages, advantages and challenges. Please note as a photographer your time is going to be divided into two main aspects of your business. First, the creative side of things where you are producing art, content etc. which is brings in money, the life blood of your business. The second aspect is the marketing side of things and everything else that comes with it.
So, your interest and the aspects that you are comfortable with is one of the most important aspects that determine which industry you choose. Another attributing factor is the kind of equipment you have. Though you can always upgrade equipment and that is not a big deal. You can always upgrade as you grow as a business.
But the factor that really determines things is your marketing proficiency. Some people are sleek marketers and they end up getting assignments either through sources or using their own marketing acumen even though they might not be the best photographer in fray.

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