Landscape Setup.

Being able to take incredible landscapes require some preparation.


Ansel Adams, probably the greatest landscape photographer of all times, had once famously noted that landscape photography is the supreme test of the photographer and often the supreme disappointment. There cannot be a better summarization of what landscape photography is. There are no two landscape scenes that warrant the exact same approach. There are no two landscape scenes that are the same either. Resultantly, while the techniques might be similar and the exposure parameters might meet, there is no way that two setups would mirror each other.

So, what do you do? The best thing is to approach the scene with an open mind. You could use the same equipment, the same settings but the composition might be different warranting a different lens as well as a different focusing point for two images.

Following the already established rules of photography is probably one way to approach the scene. Look for a point of interest and place your focusing point on that. Next, try to use the Rule of Thirds to ensure that the point of interest coincides with one of the four intersecting points. Next is the incorporation of a leading line. Exposure, then, assumes the next bit of importance.

Finding a point in the composition which appears neutral is of paramount importance. Neutral means something that is about 18% gray. That way when you are color correcting the image during post-processing the final result will be achieved a lot easily.

But landscape photography also incorporates some other aspects and these include setting up the camera on a sturdy tripod. Tripod will ensure that the camera is fixed throughout the exposure and will not wobble creating blurry images as a result. In some situations not even a sturdy tripod is enough. You will need something like a small pouch that will either stretch across the three legs of the tripod or a sling bag that will drop down from right underneath the tripod head (a hook contraption is usually provided for this) to hold down the tripod with additional weight.


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