So people are talking.

Let's see what they think.


We all know technology is moving on swift. It's how swift that technology moves on that interests the people who love to talk about the next best thing. Or even just to hold it in our hands becomes a chase we all believe is worth the cheater getting his dinner. So the people have spoken. Some are saying there's a new beast coming from Canon and it may hold a 75mp sensor. Is it worth it or is it just going to end up becoming a camera that does nothing more than lead itself into the category of "Large Format" which to those of you who know - is the direction we are all heading with all these new devices cramming more and more pixels into a space that becomes smaller than ever.

With big Megapixels comes the responsibility to have the capability to process these images. It's all great having a camera with serious detail abilities but now you have to buy the technology able to process it too. So saving for a new camera? Worth a few thousand? Now add a computer to that worth another few thousand. And then you can make a start.

For the rest of us we'll stick to what is known as the "norm" in the realms of what is described as a "Nikon D810" or "Canon EOS 5D Mark IV". For the amazing photos you can take with these devices. Or any other just like it.

Il be back when the megapixels get bigger, like the one google has on its satellites - 800,000mp - that big enough for you Canon? Nikon?


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