Nikons upping the game.

Or is it? Let's find out.


What we do know is things are changing and it's all about to get blurry. People are talking all over the shop about this new mirrorless camera. Woo mirrorless. Im not convinced. Let me tell you why.

Firstly it's got a new mount, why create a new mount when the old one works perfectly fine, you just have to create adapters and it gets all a bit messy but having said that nobody ever got anywhere by making no change. Secondly the Nikon D850 has just come out and were all still reeling off that. Granted this is mirrorless and the DSLR isn't. So I'm thinking it's to do with sony's release of the sony a7iii, looks competition decided to fight back.

But what I will say to convince you im ok with the new kid on the block is I think it's new technology being created properly which will outline the future for all new cameras in the industry. It has its place at the top but most likely will be doomed in the shadows of another great product created to better that one. So let's wait and see what it is they have to offer.

We could go on but let's leave it at that and give you a few links to read elsewhere instead because that's what we're good at. Enjoy.


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