A most important photographers tool is the software they edit with.



It is pretty difficult to get an image that is perfect straight out of the camera. This is because, and this is considering that you are shooting in JPEG, and not RAW, is that the camera itself applies a series of 'processing' to the image. All in good faith though as the built-in camera captures RAW (even if you shoot in JPEG) and then when it is converted to JPEG the changes are auto applied to give it a more clean and polished look.

A RAW image, when it is unprocessed, does not have the same effect as a JPEG. The colors are flat, the white balanced is off and it also has lack of sharpness. But the built-in RAW to JPEG converter is not the answer.

Photo editing applications allow you to bypass that built-in set of changes and give you the discretion to use whatever edits you want to put; rather than the camera applying a set of random changes. Photo editing applications, as such, are imperative for photographers.

There are a million reasons all of which can be attributed to the development of software. Photographers always wanted to 'improve' their images which has been captured in a camera. The ancient art of dodging and burning was actually developed inside the 'dark room'.

There are many photo editing applications which will help you to improve your images. Both free and paid and both offline and online versions. Yes, there are a bunch of free online photo editing tools as well like PicMonkey and Befunky. Then there are the offline photo editing tools which seem to be the most dominant form of photo editing in the industry at the moment.

Beyond the obvious names, i.e., Lightroom and Photoshop, there are Phase one Capture Pro and Corel PaintShop. DxO has a very nice photo editing software called OpticsPro which is currently at version 11. Some proprietary software like Apple Photos is also quite popular. But this one, in particular is platform dependent.


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