Top 16 Product Review Websites

Only the best here, look no further.

We actually link a lot of products from our gear index to these sites, but on the index it recommends which sites to go to for what. So have a look in our gear index first.

Also rule of thumb; read through two or three product reviews to get a better idea. And then sleep on it, tomorrows decision will always be the better decider.


Without further adieu. Here's your lot.

1. DPReview - What these people do in reviews for products is nothing less than the best. - LINK

2. TechRadar - Again highly sought after with a good reputation for detail and knowledge. - LINK

3. ePHOTOzine - A great website that does a lot for photography, which also has reviews. - LINK

4. PhotographyLife - This is a one man blog, boy does he review well, and with passion. - LINK

5. Trusted Reviews -  This is a bit like TechRadar both are great, one just better than other. - LINK

6. Ken Rockwell - This is another one man blog, but we don't quite take his word for the truth. - LINK

7.  Photography Blog - A great site with a personal opinion that covers most products. - LINK

8.  Amature Photographer - A website with a reputation for covering the basics in everything. - LINK

9.  Practical  Photography - Great website for finding products  + they are a magazine. - LINK

10.  Digital Camera World - Very well known as a magazine that covers product reviews. - LINK

11.  What Digital Camera - Another amazing product review and magazine website. - LINK

12.  PetaPixel - A general great website to go to to find stuff out including reviews. - LINK

13.  Expert Review - Seems to be coming up the ranks on reviews and product info. - LINK

14.  Digital Trends - Proving to also be showing a great range of info for reviews etc. - LINK

15.  Lifewire - A sneaky site that has been doing camera reviews and seems to do well. - LINK

This one comes from common sense but there is one that tends to show a lot about a product or any product thats worth buying.

16.  Amazon - This comes with a warning read any product review but be wary. - LINK


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These are all the best websites we recommend, if you start looking outside these sites then you're spending more time on looking for the product rather than actually buying it, with this said there are more and local camera shops/ review websites that can be suffice for your needs so looking harder can't hurt.

If your still unsatisfied, you have two options; read up more on the product you're looking for to understand it a little before buying or get in touch and fill in the #ASKUSANYTHING# page form or send us an email via the contact us page, and let us know the trouble your in trying to find what it is you're looking for.