Just one way to express your work on the internet.


As a professional photographer looking to make a career in any genre, it is imperative that you have a platform where you can showcase your work. That platform is usually your online photography platform. Your website to be precise. Though there are other options that you can use, such as your Instagram profile or your Facebook fan page, but nothing really works as great as a well-made website.

There are plenty of options to get a website up and running and in no time. You could opt for one of the many content management systems that are easy to use and can get your website ready in no time. WordPress being the most popular content management system of all. Ready-made templates further make it easier to get a nice design ready almost instantly.

You could also opt for a customized solution. Just in case you feel that no ready-made solution caters to your specific needs. One way to get a customized solution is to hire a web-programmer who is capable of creating a website from the ground up. You would also need a web designer to create the layout of the website.

The most essential elements in your website should be your images. Your best images to be precise. If you love shooting different genres, you should be looking to categorize each of the genres that you are looking to showcase on your website. Such as portraits, landscapes, abstract, street and so on. Each of these genres should have a separate section that is either clickable that leads to the full collection inside or should be represented by one image (thumbnail or otherwise) that leads to the full collection.

An easy way to find good web-designers and web developers is to go the freelancing platform. Of course this being a short guideline we shall discuss about how to hire a freelancer at some other instance.


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